About Us

Egemen Group was established in 1994, Izmir/Turkey. While in the previous years, the company had been dealing with the importation of souvenirs and glassware, It has become one of the leading companies manufacturing and selling vacuum bags under “Magic Saver Bags” name in the whole world.

The company has been operating in different fields with “KIOS” and “EGEMEN” brands both domestically and internationally.
EGEMEN GROUP which has been making regular investments in business to be among the world-wide renowned companies, is now recognized well in Chicago, USA.
Thanks to the distinguished sales and marketing team, the company has gained great reputation by producing and selling notably Vacuum Bags beside the sales of variety of kitchenware, houseware, glassware etc in both local and international key accounts today.
The Magic Saver Bags produced with the latest technology and the best quality materials in the covered area of 7.500 m2 come in 4 sizes and 5 different types.
The facts and figures clearly show that the company has reached the manufacturing capacity of 32.000.000 bags every year to meet the needs of the shopping World in 83 different countries on 7 continents.

To be pioneer to develop creative designs that make life easier and change the world.

For those who want to make a difference in their solutions, we transform designs that care about the eco-system into innovative products using advanced technology with our competent team that adopts universal values ​​and saves lives.

Our customers are also our business partners, we provide them sustainable with quality and mutual trust.
We are solution-oriented employees who have adopted universal values, have a team spirit, have a high sense of belonging, are agile, competent, always smiling, produce with pleasure, and care about their personal development.
We work with a management approach that values the training and motivation of our employees,fair, transparent, respects different ideas, is open to communication and criticism,stable, innovative, respectful to labor, and approaches all stakeholders with the logic of business partners.
We use advanced technology by giving importance to R&D with an analytical and systematic point of view, we push our limits, we adopt smart working rather than hard work thanks to our trained personel.
Starting with ourselves, we attach importance to social responsibility projects in order to instill the importance of using products that are sensitive to nature and the environment, to the society and the world we live in, and to leave a more livable world to future generations.