Our Story Behind Retail Services

The challenges our clients were experiencing using traditional sourcing led to our business model today.
A step change was needed and to do this we needed to take our manufacturing hats off and put on our retailing hats on.

With professional retailers joining our team the step change was implemented successfully.
Today our team consist of professional retailers who have worked in the retail industry across various departments such as operations, commercial, marketing, IT, warehousing and logistics and held director roles in tier one retail organizations.

We understand the difficulties in retail and for this reason we develop specific projects for each and every client based on their needs.
Buy for less projects for our retail partners is growing rapidly.

We continue to invest in technology, new services and talented people to ensure we remain at the forefront of the always-changing world of retail and consumer goods.
Never resting, always pushing innovation and creative collaboration, we strive to fulfill the vision of our founder and advisor by offering the most powerful, effective and cost-efficient solutions and services.
As COVID-19 has disrupted retail supply chains, impacted revenues and complicated consumer demand, companies have been left needing to take a hard look at their supplier relationships and quickly make changes to better support their business through the crisis.

We work with retailers to ensure product sourcing is floorless.
We ensure smooth end to end services. Our sourcing capabilities range from fresh food, grocery, non-food grocery, general merchandise.
Innovative and new trend categories such as Vegan, Gluten Free, Free From, Organic food groups with the necessary certifications.

Supplying & Partnering with major retailers in the domestic market gives us the edge to feed off the huge volume and buying power resulting in rock bottom prices.
Our consolidation services reduce stock holding days and financial needs.
All services are in house for quick turnaround time, in 15 mins we can create a sample from scratch.
Innovation and creativity are one of our major strengths giving us the edge over our competitors.

We don’t say No & We don’t give up.

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves.

More than 500 Projects successfully delivered in 2020  
Produced and delivered more than 150 million shopping bags.
Produced and delivered more then 50 million vacuum bags for 2020.
Currently have presence in more than 80 countries globally.
Creating Value for Money Is What We Stand For

Retail Services Division: